The sun starts to peak where ocean meets sky.  Biscayne Bay illuminates in the pale morning light.  My oceanfront pad comes to life. The blackout window shades open to morning setting, letting in just enough light to awake my senses.  Soft music begins streaming throughout the house, with just enough volume, not a jolt but a gentle rhythm to start my blood pumping and my neurons firing.  I inhale…and exhale deeply, as morning light beckons me out of bed and over to the windows for a look out over the bay.

I feel motivated by the light and the music, now ready for a workout.  As I leave my room and head across the hall to my fitness room, the lights come on before me and the music changes to a soul pumping earthbeat that quickens my pulse.  My personal trainer appears on the screen above the stationary bike. I start to pedal to the beat of “Blurred Lines”. After the trainer sends me through weights, mat planking, and treadmill, I hear the music change to a gentle earthbeat, sending me back to the mat, for a short Vinyasa and Savasana.

“Tomorrow will be power flow.  See ya then.” The screen goes blank and my eyes flutter open.  I gently rise out of my meditation and come back to the present.  As I leave the gym room and head for the shower, I already see steam coming out of the bathroom.  My shower is in rain mode for relaxation and ready for me. After a few minutes, the temperature slowly flows to cold, invigorating my blood and mind.  The water temperature for my post-workout shower is pre-programmed, to calm and then quicken.

These moments also offer silence, time to set an intention for my day.  My smart home knows when to start and stop the audio ambiance. Upon exiting the shower, I tell Alexa to turn up the light mirror.  The mirror magnifies the contours of my face as steaming water pours into the sink, programmed for shaving mode. As I rinse my razor and dry my face, I smell fresh coffee down beckoning me down the hall.  

As I near the kitchen, I tell Alexa to “turn on Black Keys,”  to stimulate creativity. I pour a cup of fragrant rich coffee, open my laptop and let the ideas flow forth in a steady stream of consciousness.  My mind is open, I am fully oxygenated from my workout and ready to be productive. I notice the sun is streaming intensely this morning. It is beautiful but is hitting my screen.  I tap open the Savant app on my phone so I can adjust the shades. With the sunlight tamed, I go back to work.

My smart home allows me absolute freedom to maximize the time I need for my health, comfort, and creativity. And of course the best feature…I can tell Alexa to turn on the Liverpool Football game without ever picking up a remote.

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