Window treatments do more than just add style and glamour to your home. They offer solutions to meet your needs. Often times, finding the right solution has more to do with defining the need than defining a look. With so many options at your disposal, choosing the right window treatment for your home to meet your need can be a daunting task. Below we have compiled a list of the top 5 client requests and our window treatment recommendations to meet these requests.

The smart shading solutions below, once installed, can be controlled from your smartphone or by voice command, and designed to enhance your unique lifestyle. Window treatments can be programmed to open automatically at 7am or close at 6pm (or whatever time is most convenient for you!)

1. Room Darkening

As the name suggests, room darkening shades are used to darken your room and add a sense of balance to your space. They work by blocking out excess sunlight and UV rays from your area. Blackout roller shades or blackout drapery can be motorized for extra convenience. These shades are great for family media rooms, nursery nap times and day sleepers.

2. Heat Control

Depending on the season, the heat can sometimes rise to uncomfortable levels. Furthermore, direct sunlight coming through your windows can heat up your space significantly. Heat control shades provide a more energy efficient solution to control the temperature in your home using various window treatment options. Shades that offer heat control include solar roller shades, silhouettes and roman shades. These shades consist of fabrics that absorb heat and provide optimum insulation. These shades also control the amount of light entering your room, enhancing your visibility.

3. Light Filtering

Specific rooms like the living room or dining room usually do not require much privacy. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for shades that filter out light rather than offer privacy. These shades add softness while creating a warm ambiance in a room. Light filtering is dependant on the type of fabric used. Darker, thicker fabrics absorb more light, consequently reducing glare, while lighter colors reflect light subsequently brightening your room.

4. Privacy

Privacy is important if you reside in close proximity to your neighbors or live in a high-traffic area. It is recommended to opt for opaque window treatments such as wood blinds, blackout shades, silhouettes dim out or translucent fabric roller shades. With an openness of 1%, solar roller shades work like magic when it comes to delivering privacy around the home. Sheer and semi-sheer drapery are other options that you should consider for enhanced privacy.

5. View Preservation

When choosing window treatments, opt for shades that offer insulation and privacy without blocking your view. Solar shades with an openness of 3%, 5% or 10% offer the best smart-living solutions as far as view preservation is concerned. Darker shades are known to offer the best views since they absorb more light, consequently reducing glare and improving visibility. If you have large windows, you should consider roller shades as they offer the perfect solution to preventing excess light, while preserving the view.

For more information on smart living solutions for your window treatments, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our support team is always ready to answer your queries.

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