The fourth quarter is notoriously our company’s and our industry’s busiest time of the year. With many projects nearing completion, and clients both existing and new trying to make sure their homes are ready for the holidays, it tends to get a little hectic. While it proves challenging at times with all the excitement getting the better of us, we try not to overlook one of the crucial elements of our success as a company: our employees. For always being unwavering in their efforts and dedication to our company, we like to show them our appreciation around this time of year.

This past Saturday, as part of one of our favorite traditions, we held Acoustic Architect’s annual Turkey Bowl at C.B. Smith Park, followed by a BBQ for all of our employees and their families. Vying for the coveted victory and leaving it all on the field for a third year in a row were our two teams, AViators and YGFT. There were unexpected turnovers, stellar defense, and a few impressive touchdowns from both teams, but in the end, YGFT managed to clinch the win once more.

Just in case you were wondering how seriously we take this game…the answer is very.

Our scorekeeper, Benji, has been training all season long for his role (one he takes very seriously, I might add) by watching the Miami Hurricanes play every Saturday.

While the game progressed under a sweltering sun (no cold November rain in sight), the rest of the family was getting the party going at the nearby pavilion. There was no shortage of chefs and many hands to help set the table spread. In the last couple of years, our company has expanded to meet the demands of our projects, and with it our team. We have more employees now than ever before and look forward to growing even more as we embark on new challenges in the year to come.

Even more impressive to see was how many little ones were running around. When the company first opened, only a few of us had begun to start a family; today those families have grown, and by extension, so has ours as a company. While it was great to see our co-workers outside of the office, the giddy giggles coming from the bounce house definitely added a special touch to the whole event.

Nothing like a bounce house and goodie bags to keep the little ones entertained.

Our founders, Aaron and Spencer, wanted to share a few words:

When we talk about what makes our company special, we’ve always insisted on the fact that the people that work at Acoustic Architects are hands down the biggest component of our success and reputation. On countless occasions, we’ve seen our team put company matters above their own and go the extra mile to make sure the client is satisfied. We’ve consistently proven we will do whatever it takes to improve our personal skill set, help a client in need, or most importantly, support our teammates. It’s truly inspiring and amazing to be a part of this team.

We are thankful for having so many dedicated colleagues that treat this company as if it were their own; it’s touching. We wish everyone some nice time off to make up some of that lost time with your families. What a special one for so many who have new family members this year. It’s a blessing to watch us grow as one large extended family. We love you guys.

Win or lose, we will come back and do it all over again next year.

If you’d like to see more pictures and highlights from the game, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

And as always, if you are ready for our family to help yours integrate your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Happy Thanksgiving!