Imagine smart glass technology that tints on-demand, quickly and uniformly….clearing just as rapidly as it darkens. Fast and eco-savvy Halio Glass is the “…only electrochromic glass fast enough to respond to sky conditions in real-time.” Enjoy your million dollar views with innovative technology that controls natural light in an elegant, glare-free way.

Rapid Response

Tinting ten times faster than “dynamic” windows, the full tint capability of Kinestral’s Halio smart glass is achieved in three minutes. And it clears just as fast as it tints. Think of a cloudy day, when the sun shines in full force and hides behind clouds intermittently. Halio glass responds to these changes, clearing as the sky cools and dims, then tinting when the clouds move to reveal the sunshine again.

“Halio is the only smart glass fast enough to respond to rapidly changing sky conditions. That means that your windows will be clear more than they are tinted.”

Crystal Clear

Halio glass tints in cool shades of gray. And then clears to absolute clarity. Most tinting windows include colors of yellow or blue in their technology. Kinestral’s Tint Driver includes unlimited stages of tinting, whereas most glass only tints to four levels. With the inclusion of Halio Black, your glass will never have a glare. And there is absolutely no binocular or curtain effect. Halio dims and clears uniformly. Never interrupting the aesthetic of your home’s design.

Super Smart

“The Halio Cloud uses best-in-class technologies to offer robust options for extending your windows’ capabilities and integrating them with your automation system. With the Halio Cloud, your windows will keep getting smarter.” Halio also offers an app, so you can control your glass from anywhere. And there is also a sleek and modern wall-mounted control panel for tint selection, another easy way to easily adjust the tinting levels for your smart glass.

Eco Exceptional

Kinestral’s innovative technology is based on the belief that “The energy we don’t use is just as important as the energy we use.” The sustainability of Halio glass allows for designs that do not have to compromise on energy-efficiency or aesthetics. Their bird-friendly hurricane glass is made with low-E coatings. So, it is healthier and greener than the competition and the most flexible electrochromic product you will find. And in the setting of gorgeous South Florida, Halio glass effectively controls heat exchange from the intense natural light, keeping your space cool for optimum comfort and energy efficiency.

Expert Endorsement

Halio is not only better for you and the environment, but it is also the most advanced smart glass available. It shapes light, controls heat and cold exchange, and manages privacy. We recommend Kenestral’s Halio smart glass for its comprehensive approach to light management and innovative sustainability.

“Halio comes with everything you need to have a smart system you never have to think about. Halio just works.”

Responsive Living, the term coined by Acoustic Architects founders, Aaron Flint and Spencer Hauldren, is the concept of seamlessly enhancing the client’s unique lifestyle using smart home technology. Responsive Living allows you to interact with your space via touch input, voice command, and predictive automation, placing you in full control of your home.

If you would like to learn more about smart tinting windows for your home, feel free to connect with us. We will be happy to schedule a demo with you.

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