When it comes to choices, interior designers and architects often have a wide range of options in almost every aspect of the concept, from the carpet to the lighting fixtures and almost everything in between.

Vitrea saw a dearth of elegant lighting control points an opportunity to innovate. In 2011, the Israeli company decided that it was time for there to be a greater selection of tastefully refined switches and control pads that would complement the home and be more accessible to the homeowner.

After many talks with designers, and taking inspiration from the new generation of tactile technology rising in the market, the Vitrea team set out to design a product that was elegant and innovative, yet accessible to homeowners of all tastes.

Almost every aspect of the VTouch Plus keypads can be customized to fit the homeowner’s preferences, from a variety of colors or made-to-order patterns, and custom-made icons and text. Meeting international safety and quality standards, all Vitrea products are also backed by a two-year warranty. Best of all, your keypads, sockets, and thermostats can all match seamlessly, and rather than detract from it, they can embellish the aesthetic of your home.

Vitrea’s list of highly coveted products includes complete wireless smart home systems and chic glass framed electrical sockets, but what they are perhaps best known for is their state of the art glass lighting control touch panels. VTouch Plus allows you to update the aesthetic of your basic switches, with the added option of integrating to a lighting system that brings ease of control to your home.


VTouch Plus keypads can add great luxury and convenience to any home with the possibility of integrating to control processors like:
• Lutron
• Crestron
• Control4
• Vantage

Each keypad has the possibility to customize commands for each button with different gestures including:
• press/release
• short press
• long press
• double press

All of these options can generate a variety of possibilities to personalize your home.

All Vitrea keypads, including the VTouch Plus, come with the option of being flush mounted for a smooth finish on your walls. Additionally, while in the past light switches have caused us to stumble to reach them in the dark or made us turn on bright lights in the middle of the night, these keypads have a surrounding blue LED light that makes them easy to identify.Vitrea VTouch Plus keypads are aesthetically pleasing, conforming to the appeal of the homeowner, and the meticulous care taken in every detail adds an extra level of ease and comfort that few devices of this sort can match.

In a recent conversation with Amir Selukm, Vitrea’s VP of Sales and Marketing, conveyed, “In the future, Vitrea is looking to expand their market even further into North and South America with the goal of making all of a home’s accessories and devices customizable to the preference and comfort of the homeowner.”

If you are interested in experiencing Vitrea’s products or would like to know how you can integrate these state of the art keypads into your home, please give us a call.