Voice Control

  • Voice Control

    Speak. Command. Relax.

Discover the possibilities of voice activation technology for your home.

With a fully connected home, music, lighting, even your bathroom all respond in real time to voice command. Everything comes together in one central network.

Experience the Magic

Imagine all the ways you can command your home with voice activation. The sky is the limit. Need to change the music selection, dim the lighting, or unlock the front door? With voice commands, all your tasks are hands-free and worry-free.

Ease of Connectivity

With just a few words, your home responds to change the ambiance, lock the doors, and even run a bath at the perfect temperature and depth. Everything comes together in one central interface for the ease of smart living.

Expert Dependability

Our clients’ peace of mind is part of a job well done. We ensure not a single detail is overlooked in your connected home. We are there for you long after your project is completed.

“We can’t help but going back to AA to provide the automation for our projects.”
Vincenzo Avanzato, Avanzato Design

Smart home integration and automation consultation

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