Imagine walking into your prized home after a busy day at work, switching on the lights, turning up the heat, selecting your favorite music, all with a single touch of a button or a two-syllable voice command. What’s even better, the welcoming and enchanting music is playing via premium, high-end Wisdom Audio speakers and reverberating throughout the house via their state-of-the-art Distributed Audio invention.

Thanks to Acoustic Architects ground-breaking research and development of the concept of smart home technology, your dream of a fully automated home is now a reality. And it has a musical note to it.

Amazing High-Quality Sound to Complement the System

Life is easier with Music. Acoustic Architects recognize and appreciate this concept via their deep integration of Wisdom Audio flawless speakers in their home automation model. Speaking of autoplay, the arrangement utilizes several keynote flagships of Wisdom Audio such as their exquisitely designed Media and Distributed Audio theater room that can be used to upgrade your conventional home cinema audio system.

And for those who would like something more exclusive, your automation project can be refined to include a Dedicated Private Cinema to the smart home system.

Captivating Surround Sound Designed Just for your Living Space

The Wisdom Audio Home Theatre Experience employed by Acoustic Architects is specially crafted to deliver hi-fidelity sound that places you ( the homeowner ) in the thick of a match, movie, concert or video game. What’s more, the sleek-speakers-plus-wireless-subwoofer arrangement is optimized to rhyme with your interior decor thus delivering crisp, detailed sound with minimal aesthetic impact.

And with the universal remote, you can control all aspects of your home entertainment without ever leaving the comfort of your couch. Still at it, remember that Wisdom Audio employs a smart audio calibration system that adjusts your living room speaker’s speakers to the unique acoustics of your house giving rise to a new level of realism.

Enjoy premium audio that extols the power of hi-fi surround sound without giving up the flexibility and convenience of a fully-fledged smart home model.